Diet Plan Question by psychiatrydude: Why do people refuse to lose weight the healthy way?
It seems as if our society has taught us that we can cheat our way out of healthy dieting by taking these so-called “magic pills” and still be able to eat the same fattening foods. I see constant questions asking “How can I lose 20 pounds in a week?”, and other questions with unrealistic goals. So why are so many people trying to lose weight the wrong way?
Some of you don’t seem to understand what I’m asking.

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Answer by nicechick10024u
Because they are too lazy to set goals for themselves if they do loose the weight they end up gaining it back even worse because the muscle they lost is stored into fat. They are too lazy to understand that sometimes you have to sacrifice junk food or run and get sore! They can’t take a challange they are pus*ys

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